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Portable Baby Crib

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This baby crib is suitable for newborn babies. The operation method is simple; environmental protection is safe, and the fabric density is high and durable. The 360-degree bollards are more slender.  The portable baby crib brings unprecedented comfort and safety to newborns. Knitted cotton fabrics plus anti-bacterial cotton on the inside also increase the waterproof pad; giving the baby a safe and healthy sleep.
Age: 0-1 years old
Packing size: 40 * 40 * 15 cm
1. This model is designed for babies and can be used as a bed in the bed to relieve adults from getting up frequently to take care of your baby's fatigue and keep your baby well squeezed.
2. When you go out, you can make a travel bed, easy to carry and distribute the storage bag. Whenever and wherever you are, your baby can have its own comfortable cot and liberate your hands.